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China In The Price Formation Mechanism Of Pricing And Price Management Study

Posted on:2009-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The price is the combining point of planned economy and the market regulation. The economic system model decides the price reform system model. The price reform is the key of the economic restructuring, and that the core of the entire pricing economy reform lies in the reform of price formation mechanism, realizing the price mechanism transformation, establishing a mechanism for pricing mainly by market forces.This article mainly discusses the price-fixing power and the price supervision question in our country price structure mechanism from three aspects:The first part devoted to the problem of price formation under different economic system. In a planned-economy country, its price formation mechanism is the planned price formation mechanism, and the commodity pricing power is concentrated on government departments; the price formation is mainly to affirm according to the principle of profit and cost production; the price management is primarily regulated by the administrative method. In market-economy country, its price structure mechanism is based on market and the price-fixing power is grasped in the hands of enterprises; the price formation takes the cost and the supply-demand relation as foundation; the price supervision turns to formulate corresponding competition principle, guaranteeing that the market main body participates in the competition fairly. Our country operates socialist market economy, which implements macroeconomic regulation and the price is mainly formed by the market-mechanism. It gives advantages of both the planned economy and the market economy.The second part devotes to the price-fixing problem in the legal visual threshold. "Price Management Temporary Regulation" stipulated explicitly the state-fixed price is the main form, and at the same time granted some price-fixing power to the industry and commerce enterprise to the negotiated purchase marketing commodity and industry small commodity. Price form is state-fixed price, enterprise pricing in national scope and country fair trade price. "Price Management Rule" broke through the form of the state-fixed price that was stipulated in the "Temporary Regulation" and introduced the market mechanism to price formation mechanism and firstly established the price administration way which the direct management and the indirect supervision unify. Price form is state-fixed price, national guided price and market adjusted price. "Price Regulation" revolves to the core of establishing and consummating under the macroeconomic regulation and control mainly to form the price by the market mechanism and formed the three kind of price form: market adjusted price, the government fixed price, the government guided price, and market adjusted price occupies the dominant position in the new price formation mechanism.The third part devoted to the price supervision system. No matter what economic system is practiced, the price formation mechanism always exists under certain price supervision system, but the price supervision system is always established in certain price formation mechanism and adapts with it. The price formation mechanism and the price supervision system are unified in the price mechanism.
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