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Exploring The Legal Issues Of Real Estate Price Supervision In China

Posted on:2019-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330545990642Subject:Economic Law
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The development of the real estate market is a major issue related the national economy and the peopleís livelihood.Especially the price problem,which directly involves the residentsí basic requirements for "living" and is an important matter of peopleís livelihood,should be attached more importance and carry out in-depth research to guide practice by theory.Although the Chinaís real estate market has gradually improved and standardized as well as the price supervision measures has increased,there are still many gaps and space for improvement.In view of the necessity of price supervision,we should based on the specific national conditions make a comprehensive analysis from these aspects:land transaction,the price financial tax system,supervision law enforcement and management mechanism build a Price regulation legal system at the center of "price law",covered the macro and micro levelís price supervision legal system.In this way,we can get some feasible suggestions to better the price regulation in the real estate market.The main purpose of this study is to put forward efficient advice to improve the price regulatory measures on the basis of analyzing the problems in the present price regulation,and hope that can benefit the development of Chinaís real estate price regulation.The article is mainly divided into four parts to discuss:The first chapter elaborates the basic theory of real estate price regulation and introduces the basic connotation,specific content,basic characteristics and regulatory mode of real estate price regulation and so on.Itís making a theoretical foundation for later.The second chapter putting the current supervision price situation as a cut-point,combined with the tax control policy of our country,analyzes and summarizes the objective problems and reasons in the present price regulation,partly from the restriction of land price,the restriction of real estate price and the supervision of illegal price of commercial house.The third chapter makes a objective evaluation from the foreign real estate price supervision,taking France,Japan,Switzerland and Germany as reference,and has summed up the significance and inspiration for our country.The fourth chapter,on the basis of persisting the fundamental principle of price supervision,puts forward suggestions from four aspects in perfecting the real estate price supervision legal system,including strengthening the legal supervision over the price of land and commercial housing and strengthening the taxation field of legal supervision in order to achieve the ultimate goal of real estate price regulation...
Keywords/Search Tags:Price regulation, Restriction of land price, Limitation of house price, Price violation
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