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France - Germany Cooperation And The Initiation Of European Integration

Posted on:2016-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330452968622Subject:International relations
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The France and Germany relations as the regional great power has transformedhostility into cooperation. By carrying out the policy of European integration, the twoof country achieved reconciled, established intimate relationship, and help the outsetof European integration. The cooperation of France and Germany based on Europeanintegration has become the excellent example of great power cooperation.It has been found that only cooperation can realize the development of one countryand region. Especially regional integration has been world trend, regional great powerplayed core role in development of regional integration because they make regionaldevelopment owe a strong leader, which is important for deeper development ofregion. Therefore, it is necessary for us to study the history of France and Germanyand analyze the foundation of cooperation of France and Germany and the process ofthe outset of European integration that was promoted by Germany and France. So itcan provide reference or mirror for cooperation between China and Japan and theregional development of East Asia.The article planned to employ the cooperation of great power theory and regionalintegration theory to build the structure. At first, we introduced the European policy ofFrance and Germany and attempts of European integration in early age. It is assumedthat the past enemy produced the common interests at particular internationalenvironment, in this way, integration had become the best way to realize the stateinterests of France and Germany.The cooperation of France and Germany was basedon the thought of agreement between France and Germany and Europe combination.The reality foundation of two countries’ cooperation is cooperative might anddesire, being confronted with common pressure from politics, economics and safety.The Europe policy of America standing for European integration contributed tocooperate of France and Germany. The biggest obstacle is Ruhr problem,in order torespond rearmed Germany which is put forward by United States, France had to comeup with a new plan to tackle with it, so the Schumann Plan emerged at this rightmoment. Some political elites and representatives from France and Germany like Konrad Adenauer, Schumann and Monet negotiated between six countries, theydrive the establishment of European Coal and Steel Community which is the firstsuperstate organization and mark the start of European integration. The cooperation ofFrance and Germany form the leader position in construction of European Union anddesign feasible institutions and goals for European Coal and Steel Community, whichhave far-reaching influence on the Europe future.
Keywords/Search Tags:the cooperation of France and Germany, the might leader, the Schumann Plan, European Coal and Steel Community, European Integration
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