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Investigation About The Promotion Of Government Public Service Capacity

Posted on:2009-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360278453358Subject:Administrative Management
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The ability of public services is the core of government's ability, and it is an important factor of promoting the transformation of governments' functions. While Chinese government acquires achievements in public service, public services and its ability to raise still under layers of fetters. In one word, the key lies in the lack of the spirit of China's public administration, civic awareness, the obstruction of traditional bureaucratic system, and ideology of officials as the foundation and public political indifference psychological. It can be said that the upgrading of government's public service capacity is a great matter which has a close relationship with government reform and function transformation, a key sector which relates to the social healthy development and a institutional revolution. Therefore, the transformation of government's control functions of the existing system, reposition the role of government and smooth the relationship between government, society and civil, and to achieve the transformation of traditional system and institution. All of these have great theoretical and practical significance.This paper combines with the related ideology of scientific development theory, the new public service theory, the majority administration theory and the public goods theory, having certain theoretical thinking about how to improve Chinese governments' public services ability. On the basis of analyzing and referencing from foreign governments' theory and practice about public service capacity, abstracting the advanced experience which could guide Chinese governments to enhance the public services ability. Secondly, on the basis of theory analysis and practice experience, beginning with the status of Chinese governments' public services, explaining the problems of Chinese governments public service capacity and the importent meaning of the institutional transformation, from which we can find the driver sectors of Chinese governments public service system changing. Again, to reshape the values of democracy and citizens' ideas as the focus, to establish civil rights and civil dominant position as the core, highlighting the community and the public autonomous status in the public power system, from four perspectives, including value orientation, the government authority, representative democracy, ability to survey, this paper puts forwards policies and measures on how to enhance the Chinese governments public service ability. And on the basis of learning from government services capacity evaluation index system of Zhejiang University's public service task team, it constructs the evaluation index system and measurement standards of the Chinese governments' public service capacity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government, Public service, Public service capacity, Public service mode, Public service consciousness
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