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The Study On Constructing The Image Of Our Government In Perspective Of Pulic Crisis In Chnia

Posted on:2011-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302994541Subject:Administrative Management
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At present, China's public crisis management is a crisis management mode of the main single-old, transparency is not high, lack of coordination bodies and unified command agencies, and many other issues. This article finds crisis management in the public image of the government missing the real reason for the building, and deep reflects on the government's image-building. Crisis in the context of shaping the public image of the government, with the positioning of government functions, organizational settings, the legal system, changing ideas and concepts are directly related.Connotation in the discussion of the crisis, crisis management, meaning the connotation of public crisis management, characteristics and image of the government of the meaning, nature, composition, based on the combination of our government to deal with the crisis in these years of practical experience and lessons to explore the relationship between the public crisis management and the image of the government At the same time, the use of management science, sociology, political science, economics and other disciplines, theories and methods of crisis on the public image of the government to shape the context of thorough studies of them. Proposed first to establish a sound public crisis management system, to play a leading role in the government; Secondly, we should improve public crisis management mechanism and management model, the role played by various departments of the linkage; Thirdly, we should raise the emergency management capabilities of the government's public crisis in order to comprehensively construct the image of the government.The results of this study seek to promote the perfection of public crisis management system in order to improve our government ability to cope with the handing of public crisis .On this basis, focused on innovation and a set of more relatively complete and workable path for the government's image building with a view to government staff in the future of work, the provision in the dual mode of operation guidance, on macro-theory and micro-operating mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public crisis management, Image of the government, Command system, Management mechanism
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