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Research On Government Image Shaping In Public Crisis Management

Posted on:2019-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X B LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330542497664Subject:Administrative Management
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The successful opening of the 19th century heralds the coming of xi jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics.New era,new requirements,new challenges,on the one hand,our country in economic construction,the democratic legal construction,ideological and cultural construction,and ecological civilization construction has made remarkable achievements,the party,government and the people public effort;,on the other hand,people and between man and nature,man and society is increasingly acute contradictions,more and more unstable factors,evolved into all kinds of public crisis,not only the social populace’s life safety and property security threat,hit the public’s daily life and social stability,hindered the sustainable development of society,public crisis events and easy cause the public credibility of government action,the government’s administrative work operation and image construction is being challenged,even leads to the legality of the government behavior,the loss of their authority.Therefore urged the government to through effective public crisis management to reduce the harm of crisis event,safeguard the social interests of the masses,to shape a people-oriented,convenient and efficient,legal authority,responsibility,transparency,the rule of law,research of pragmatic government image is more and more meaningful.The government image is a long-term,continuous and systematic engineering task,not only exists in the daily management activities,but also to the government image in public crisis management.Government image is the request of the government to serve the people heart and soul,is conform to the requirements of the new era and the interests of the people,therefore,the government must pay attention to study relevant theoretical knowledge of public crisis and to change innovation,efforts to improve their management skills and administrative efficiency,correct view own deficiencies and defects and correct in time,strengthen the authority and legitimacy of the government,thereby shaping a good image of the government,promote the construction of socialist political civilization.In this paper,combined with the background of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,adjust measures to local conditions,since,from the perspective of public crisis management advancing with The Times to sum up the connotation of public crisis management and government image,the paper analyzes the relationship between the two,unearthed the problems of China’s current government image shaping and analyze its deep reasons,combined with China’s specific national conditions and the administrative system to put forward the countermeasures and Suggestions of the government image creation.
Keywords/Search Tags:public crisis, Crisis management, The government image, Image creation
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