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Study On Improvement Of The Image Of Government Based On Public Crisis Management

Posted on:2015-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330434459875Subject:Administrative Management
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In today’s society,all kinds of public crisis events occur frequently.The occurrence ofpublic crisis not only destroys the normal society’s order,but also poses challenges to thegovernment image management.In the process of public crisis management,there aremany problems in the management of government image. For instance, the lightconsciousness of public crisis,the low ability of communicating with media,the deficiencyof information in the public crisis management,the administrative accountabilityis not inplace and so on.This thesis has come up with the problems of image management of thegovernment in the public crisis management and the negative effects on the governmentimage.This thesis also makes deep reflects on how to improve the government’s image.This thesis has expounded the theories of public crisis management,the image ofgovernment management and the relationship between the public crisis management andthe image of the government.The thesis has used management science,sociology,politicalscience and other disciplines,and draw lessons from the United States,England and Japan’sexperience in public crisis management to study the public crisis on the image of thegovernment.This thesis proposes some effective measures to promote the image ofgovernment,such as,the increasing of civil servants’ crisis management quality,theimprovement of crisis management system,the Integration of media resources and so on.In the process of public crisis management,paying attention to the ascension of thegovernment image is the inevitable requirement of government work.We must strengthenthe public crisis management,improve the ability of government crisis management,solveproblems of government in image management,so as to promote the government image....
Keywords/Search Tags:Public crisis management, The government image, Image management
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