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Crisis Management In The Context Of Public Image-building Of Government Research

Posted on:2015-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The image of the government is a special kind of social resources. It is eerily to increase theinfluence and credibility of the government, and enhance the legitimacy of the party and thegovernment has an important role. Today’s society is in a risk society, the more frequentoccurrence of public crisis, spread to expanding the scope of the more far-reaching impact,posing a serious challenge to the party and the government’s ability to govern, but also form adirect threat to the shaping of the good image of the government. As we all know, the publiccrisis with sudden urgency, destructive public crisis occurred rumor becomes spread public proneto psychological panic, social order is easy disorder, and even lead to political unrest. Therefore,the study of the party and the government is how to improve the ability of the public crisismanagement, in a timely manner to eliminate the damage of public crisis, personnel and propertylosses to a minimum point, shaping a good image of the government in the context of publiccrisis management, is worthy of further study subject.Public crisis management background, the image of the government under the basis ofin-depth study at home and abroad on the academic achievements of public crisis managementwith the image of the government, the public crisis management background from multi-angleshape are discussed. The first chapter sets forth the reasons for and significance of the topic andscholars about the status of public crisis management with the image of the government, theresearch methods, Innovation and difficult. The second chapter defines public crisis, the conceptof public crisis management with the image of the government of the Government PublicRelations Theory and the image of the government management theory. Chapter detailedinterpretation of public crisis management and the relationship of the image of the government.Chapter goal of shaping the image of the government in the context of public crisis managementis efficiency, transparency, responsibility and responsive government image. Public Crisis underthe image of the government to shape the face of government lack of credit, the government actsanomie, the Government’s emphasis on economic construction, light crisis response capabilities,the problem of the government and the media, the public and miscommunication. GovernmentPortrayal deep-seated main reason is that the image of the government shaping the weakawareness, lack of government public relations capacity concept, the civil service administrativeobvious moral exemplary role and public crisis management mechanism is not perfect. Throughthe above analysis, the Chapter that create a good image of the government in the context ofpublic crisis to follow open and transparent, consistent; respond quickly to fully participate in;people-oriented, a rainy day; administration according to law, the principle of self-discipline. Finally, an overview strengthen the awareness of the public crisis management, and the image ofthe government; build pluralism and rule "crisis of governance mechanisms; establish a rapidresponse mechanism for information dissemination mechanism; improve the public the ability ofthe government to strengthen the government and the public dialogue and communication;reshape the leaders of the image, to create a good image of the government to strengthen theexemplary role of the Chief moral path.
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