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Democracy In The International Realm

Posted on:2011-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302994664Subject:Political Theory
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In international politics,"international democracy"is still a new issue, which is relatively backward in research.Because of the historical limitation and traditional subject-orientation, people rarely focus on the issue of democracy in international politics. However, as another form of human relations, there also is Democracy in the international politics. The aim of this paper is to research out the"existence"of international democracy on two dimensions of theories and practices.In the theories of mainstream schools in international politics, there is little discussions concerning with international democracy directly. But it is not difficult to find out their attitude,request and debate logically about international demoracy by using the tool of literature analysis at their main theoritical fragments of main schools.Democracy in the practical world includes two parts, one is called Stock Democracy which is the leading factor at present; another is called Incremental Democracy which stands for the trends in the future, and the two are different but also share their ties. Stock Democracy mainly refers to the sovereignty and democratic practices of IGOs based on the sovereignty; and Incremental Democracy refers to the democratic forces hatched and alienated from the sovereignty, including NGOs'and Global Civil Society's democratic practices, which compose the foundation of the Global Governance.In the theoretical section of this paper, literature analysis is mainly used to prove the"existence"of international democracy as a"social fact"in the disciplines. Analysis on the Democracy of International Relations and Super-sovereign Democracy reveals the request and debate of different schools to different kinds of international democratic models, and the analysis itself also serves the theoretical framework to the practical study in the next section. In the practical section, empirical method is mainly used to search out the"profound meaning"implied in the seemingly paradoxical Flexible Changes of Sovereignty. And in this paper, it is discussed that the internal function and external effects of international organization also has its democraticibility. And the horizon of new Global Governance also promises the novelty of international democracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:International democracy, Stock of the international democracy, Incremental international democracy, Flexible changes of sovereignty, Global civil society, Democracy of global governance
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