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Research On The Reasons And Ways Of "Empty Nest" Phenomenon Of Rural Primary And Middle Schools

Posted on:2011-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330332468771Subject:Education Management
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"Empty nest" means there is a nest but there is no bird in it belongs to the natural phenomenon; The "empty nest" of the elementary and secondary school in countryside means there is only schoolhouse no student in it belongs to social phenomenon.With the rapid development of social economy and the transformation, most energy and attention of the government focused on GDP. The devotion and attention to education is relatively decreased and indifferent. The phenomenon of unbalanced and unfair education is still widely exist particularly in rural primary and middle schools. People call for children education quality. The feeling of hoping the children as talents is very strong. Part of the people still have happened conformity. All kinds of education evaluation systems for rural schools are biased. This leads to the "empty nest" phenomenon.The country side in our country takes up over half land. The merits or defects of rural education concern the prosperity or decline of a nation. so must concern "empty nest" phenomenon in rural primary and secondary school education. Carry through the education reformation and development programme scientifically. Increase investment in education in rural remote areas. Perfecting evaluation mechanism and reforming examination system. Abolishing one examination to decide the rest of your life and perfecting the personnel system. Getting rid of the only theory in study, advocating the expertise instead. To strengthen the training of teachers education schools and implement system of historians. Reinforce the compulsory education, balance the development and enhance the education fair, let everybody can read. Through the "empty nest" phenomenon in elementary and secondary schools in rural areas arouse the government education management the participants and adopt timely and effective method with the "empty nest" phenomenon. Suppressing the spread and occurrence of undesirable phenomena in education. Let education develop more scientifically and healthily make the whole society more harmonious and stable then realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
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