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The Study Of The Phenomenon Of Thumbs Up Of Online Social Media In The Perspective Of Diembedding

Posted on:2018-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The article study the phenomenon of thumbs up of online social media in the perspective of diembedding,in order to deeply analyze the phenomenon of thumbs up appear in recent years in the disembeded community.On the basis of summarizing the previous research results,the article combs the phenomenon of thumbs up from four aspects,they are categorical analysis,effects analysis,cause analysis and coping strategies.The phenomenon of thumbs up have five features,they are disembedding,virtuality,symbolization,one-dimensional and popularization.Then dividing the phenomenon of thurmbs up into two forms,they are primitive form and derived form according to the mental motivation of cyber citizens.The derived form is the main content of reflecting the phenomenon of thumbs up.The article consider the appearance of the phenomenon of thumbs up in online social media squeezes the substantive dialogue between both subjects of interaction,leads to anxiety of interpersonal interaction,weakens the self-identification between both subjects of interaction.The article put forward the incentives of the phenomenon from three levels,they are local culture incentive,network environment incentive and psychological incentive.In the end,the article proposes that cyber citizens should improve rational awareness,meanwhile online social platform should actively explore new modes as to realize well interaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:the phenomenon of thumbs up, disembedding, symbolization, one-dimensional
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