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Study On The Phenomenon Of "Moral Bank" Of Society

Posted on:2005-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the division of society administration and social service functions of the Chinese society under the uniform management of the government and enterprises, and along with their gradual return to society and communities, the society members' original "entity people" attribute is gradually turning to "society people. As a result, the new phenomenon of community "moral bank" has arisen.The "moral bank" means that each time community volunteers do something good, the community will deposit it in each volunteer's service time savings card as the loving heart that has been devoted to the community and others. In case these volunteers are in need of help in the future, they can withdraw from their moral savings in the moral bank, and the community will arrange for other volunteers to offer them service. The participants of the moral bank will become the practitioners the new moral systems.The Nanhu community, where I, the author of the paper lives, Chaoyang District, Changchun, is the community that was the first to establish the "moral bank" in the city. I made some in-depth investigations in the establishment and development of the community moral bank by means of literature reviews and individual case interviews as major research methodologies. I studied the community social resource utilization by the organizers, the individual selection models and aims in order to probe into the social functions as a result of this kind of community construction model, and finally I made some proposals for reflections and designs of community construction actions.Part I: Analyses of the Emergence of Community Moral Bank and the Motivation behind ItStarting from the unit system angle, the phasing-out of the government functions in the social service sector has offer community autonomy and community service the inevitable choices. The community construction is a systematic project to renovate the system the re-construct social structures. It has transcended any single work scope of any units in the past. So the analyses of the social background and economic background behind the emergence of community service, and the analyses of community social resources structures lead to the dynamic analyses of the community moral bank emergence. More and more people have focused their attention to the role of community construction in fulfilling the strategy of coordinated urban economic the social development, in solving various urban social problems during the system transformation period, in keeping social stability, in strengthening grassroots government construction, etc. Community service construction has become brand new work full of vitality and verve. Normally, social resources refer to trust, care for the organizations to which people belong, observation of community regulations, and the intention to punish those violators. The development of social resources reflects the true value of policies and scholastic researches, the interplay in people's daily life, family, neighbors, and work, the strong awareness of ideological plan and market competition. The relations constitute the main features of communities.The network analysts study communities from the network point of view. They hold that the most essential issue of urban problems is relation, rather than region or standards. The trust, standards and network involved in community social resources can promote social efficiency through coordinated actions. The nature of the moral bank lies in the fact that it sets up network relations of obligation and mutual assistance. It emphasizes the social resources between and among community members.Part II: Volunteers' Actions Organized by Communities Themselves – Moral Bank PhenomenonThe author of the paper, through his follow-up investigations to the moral bank phenomenon of the Nanhu community of Changchun and interviews with the organizers and participants, narrated the overall situations concerning the establishment of the community's moral bank and its operational processes. The organizers of the...
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