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An Analysis Of The Impacts Of Foreign Direct Investment On Hubei Province's Employment

Posted on:2011-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R J ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167330338486154Subject:Labor economics
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In economics, employment is always a hot issue unavoidable, it relates to the immediate interests of every individual, is also related to a country's stability and development, particularly for developing countries. Generally speaking ,foreign direct investment (FDI) has certain positive role to drive this country employment under open condition. However, the influence of the employment quantity by FDI is different because that the operating activities of foreign direct investment may create or reduce the employment opportunity directly or indirectly depend on many kinds of factors, such as the perfection degree and operational efficiency of labor markets,management strategy,worker's quality. In addition , foreign direct investment has certain influence on employment structure and employment quality.In this paper, I first describe the foreign direct investment of Hubei Province in the last 20 years in briefly. On the base of this description ,the paper make the proper measurement model in depth analyze the impact of foreign direct investment on the employment of Hubei Province from the number of jobs ,quality of employment ,employment structure.At last this paper give the relevant policy recommendations related with these questions.After detailed analysis ,this give the conclusion that foreign direct investment is conducive to the increase in the number of Hubei Province,but the impact of growth on employment is still very weak,FDI can improve the structure of employment ,but due to the induatrial restructuring is still in transitional phase, the impact of FDI on secondary industial restructuring is not very clear, for the quality of employment, FDI can increase the salary of some people ,such as skilled worker and management personnel,while as to unskilled labor , it does not affect significantly.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foreign Direct Investment, Employment, Employment structure, Employment Quality
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