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An Empirical Study Of The Effects Of Foreign Direct Investment On GanSu Province's Employment

Posted on:2010-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360278951591Subject:International Trade
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With the international division of labor, the rapid development of economic globalization, the opening of a country's economic development is more and more important significance and foreign direct investment (FDI) in a country or region's foreign economic relations play more and more important role. Although foreign direct investment share still small, but the employment due to its very fast growth, make the field also affect China's overall employment. As countries of the western development strategy, introduction of foreign direct investment is the effective way of economic growth, at the same time, also want to study foreign direct investment in western employment, because the economic growth is one of important significance to maximize induct employment. Therefore, the introduction of foreign direct investment in the employment effect is highly valued. Gansu province is an important provinces in western development, therefore, the foreign and employment of Gansu province as the research object, the foreign direct investment to influence of employment.Firstly, the predecessor's research achievements of Gansu province, according to the specific foreign direct investment and employment conditions, using qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, analysis and empirical analysis method, the foreign direct investment in Gansu province with the positive impact on employment number of negative effect the quality of employment, positive and negative effect of direct foreign investment, the positive effects on employment greater than the negative effect. Therefore, Gansu actively introduce foreign direct investment in the rational number can solve the employment pressure, also can improve the quality of employment. Finally, based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis is proposed on the basis of the Gansu province, through adhere to the labor-intensive industries investments and resource-intensive industries of attracting investment and investment strategy, strengthen the guidance and improve the quality of workers to better promote as means of foreign direct investment in Gansu province for increasing employment play a positive role.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foreign direct investment, Quantity of employment, Quality of employment
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