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The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Employment In Producer Services

Posted on:2020-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood and has always been an important issue of concern to a government.Since the 18 th meeting of the Communist Party of China,it has emphasized that the development strategy of “employment priority”has always been implemented and implemented,and the limited employment is the main task and a more perfect employment policy is formulated.Let the employment of all people reach higher quality and more fully,and promote China's economic and social development in a more stable direction.In the research of scholars at home and abroad,the service industry has the strongest ability to absorb employment.At present,China has gradually entered the era of service economy.In the internal division of the service industry,we can understand the divestiture of the service industry in the service industry.Can become a channel for important employment growth in developed economies.The producer service industry is an industry with technical and knowledge-intensive characteristics.It is an important factor in optimizing the industrial structure upgrade in participating in production operations.It also plays an important role in attracting high-precision talents and promoting the improvement of employment structure.At present,under the pressure of accelerating industrial transformation and promoting structural upgrading,China is vigorously developing a productive service industry,enabling it to stabilize the employment of people's livelihood,lead the development of the service economy era,and play a leading role.This paper guides the relevant literature on the impact of FDI on employment,and uses the combination of theory and empirical analysis to explore the impact of FDI on employment in the productive service industry.The article consists of three components.The first component is an introduction.It describes the background and significance of the article.Based on the combing and summarization of the relevant literature,the author puts forward the research content and main research ideas of the article.Finally,the article is given.Study possible innovations and deficiencies.The second component is mainly the main body of the thesis,which has three chapters.The first chapter mainly summarizes the theoretical analysis of the impact of FDI on employment,and elaborates on the two aspects of employment quantity and employment quality.In terms of the quantity of employment,the creative effect,crowding effect and transfer effect of foreign direct investment on employment quantity were discussed.In terms of employment quality,the connotation of employment quality,the evaluation index of employment service quality of production service industry and foreign direct The impact of investment on the quality of employment in the productive service industry;finally,the generalization of the path of foreign direct investment affecting the employment of the productive service industry;the second chapter,through the data describing the characteristic facts of FDI and employment in the productive service industry,analyzed The development of the producer service industry has highlighted its importance to China's economic development.The use of FDI in the production service industry as a whole and the use of FDI in the sub-sectors are discussed.Finally,the status quo of employment in the service industry is described.From the perspective of the overall and sub-sectors,it analyzes the employment elasticity,the difference of employment between industries,labor productivity and so on.The third chapter mainly collects relevant data and adopts Appropriate measurement methods are used to verify the theoretical part and to obtain an accurate estimate.On the basis of the previous theoretical analysis,this chapter uses panel data of 21 provincial units for 11 years,and sets the measurement model according to the mechanism research,fully studies the impact of FDI on the employment quantity and employment quality of the productive service industry,and conducts the empirical results.analysis.The third component is related conclusions and policy recommendations.The content and conclusions of this paper are summarized and refined here.Finally,reasonable policy opinions are given on the basis of the research conclusions.The conclusions obtained from the comprehensive theoretical and empirical analysis of this paper can be summarized as follows: First,the proportion of FDI in the productive service industry in China's overall FDI is rising,and the growth rate exceeds the overall foreign investment growth rate.The FDI of the productive service industry is employed in the productive service industry.The quantity has a significant positive effect.Secondly,the employment quality is analyzed from the perspectives of labor productivity,human capital and average wage level.It is empirically concluded that foreign direct investment has a significant positive effect on all three.Thirdly,in the discussion of the positive effect of FDI in the production service industry,the introduction of the control variables in this paper will analyze the injection of manufacturing FDI,which will lead to the expansion of the manufacturing industry,thus increasing the investment of the manufacturing service industry in the manufacturing industry.Further,it will affect the employment of the productive service industry.Fourth,the advancement of the urbanization process,investment in the fixed assets of the whole society have an impact on the employment of the productive service industry.This also provides a reference for how to better develop the productive service industry.The perspective of this paper has a certain new meaning.The employment research of the productive service industry in the service industry is more in-depth,and the impact of foreign direct investment on the employment of the productive service industry is analyzed in detail from the perspective of employment quality and employment quantity.Due to data limitations,there is no in-depth analysis of the impact of foreign investment methods and motivations on employment.
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