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Foreign Direct Investment On China's Employment Effect

Posted on:2007-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360215981881Subject:Labor economics
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Nowadays, with the development of the global economy and the progress of information technology, the world becomes to be like a village. Various production factors, flowing through the countries, influence economy of all countries greatly. This includes FDI to the host country.There are quite many people in our country, so employment problem is critical. Our party has thought much of it all along. The thesis discusses the influence of FDI to the employment problem from three aspects: the amount of employment, the quality of employment, the structure of employment.Firstly, the thesis interprets the concept, and studies the relations between the FDI & employment. Secondly, I analyze the general situation of FDI absorbed by our country, including the stage and the characteristics of FDI in our country. Then I invest the amount of employment of FDI in our country, I think FDI takes following effects: creative effect, losing effect, transfer effect, and extrusion effect, and analysis the reason of the amount of employment variety, I think business enterprise capital organic composing is the important reason that causes employment level to change. Next, I continue to discuss the influence of FDI to the quality of employment, and point out that there are two sides of the problem: one side is that the stuff of labor are improved, the labor market is formed, and women have more chances to work. The other side is the protection of labors' rights and interests are not enough. Then I studied the influence of FDI to the structure of employment. Inthe end, I come to the conclusion-the influence of FDI to employment in ourcountry is both positive and negative. In general, the positive influence is much more. Based on the conclusion, the thesis suggests are: to improve the imbalance of the region of the employment, to maintain the rights and interests of the employee, and to lead FDI to the tertiary industry. In short, we should improve the positive influence of FDI.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foreign Direct Investment, Employment, The amount of employment, The quality of employment, The structure of employment
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