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An Experimental Research On Influence Of Cooperative Cognition On Physics' Problem Solving Ability Of Junior Students With Different Learning Strategies Level

Posted on:2004-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H R WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360092495107Subject:Development and educational psychology
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How many learning strategies to be mastered and applied in learning physics is one of important factors to influence physics study effect of students. People have paid attention to the teaching of learning strategies, and have achieved splendid results on studying of learning strategies and it's teaching. However, in the past study of learning strategies, people laid special emphasis on studying traditional teaching model of teachers' passing-on and students' receiving, and paid less attention to study active construction and mutual advance of students' learning strategies, namely "interaction among students". The phenomenon is incompatible with idea of new curriculum standard. The new curriculum is against that students are taken for containers which just can receive and store knowledge, but advocate that students are the subject of cognition and development. The function of teachers just can be showed by means of students' action. The teachers should look upon students as living person with personality, differences and tremendous developmental potentialities in teaching action. The experiment was based on the theory of cooperative study in the groups. The purpose was to improvingstudents' learning strategies level and students' study interest, and strengthen physics' problem solving ability through mutual cooperation and common advance of junior students with different strategies level.The subjects were from 3 classes of Grade 3 (junior) in No.24 Middle School of Chongqing, and balance groups were considered in the experimental designing. The experimental material was compiled by teacher and myself. We trained physics' learning strategies of students by means ofindependent cognition under passing-on teaching in one class, and on the basis of it used mutual aid and cooperation method of two-person group in the other class.The conclusions of experiment as following:1. Lack of physics' learning strategies is one of main factors that leads to study physics with difficulties.2. In the experiment, Students' learning strategies level and their study interest can be improved, as well as students' problem solving ability can be strengthen by means of passing-on physics learning strategies in the light of physics knowledge. On the basis of it, cooperative study in the groups can raise experiment effect further, especially on student's interest.3. In cooperative study, physics achievement of students with medium or low strategies level was raised. The experiment effect on enhancing learning strategies of students with medium or low strategies level was more significant than of what students with high strategies level.4. Through cooperative study, students with high strategies level strengthened their abitity on solving medium difficulty or profound problem, and students with medium and low strategies level enhanced their ability on solving medium difficulty or basic problem obviously.5. Through cooperative study, heightening students' study interest in experiment groups was more obvious than of what in control group. It showed that improving the basic reason of students' achievement was students' enthusiasm and active state to be heightened, namely students' subject consciousness was strengthened.6. The experiment effects on different sexual distinction were identical.7. It's was key point to influence experiment effect that teacher can take vigorous action to participate in, and students can master and apply cooperative skill.
Keywords/Search Tags:cooperative cognition, learning strategies, physics, problem solving ability, experimental research
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