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Study On Teaching Quality Of The Private Universities And Colleges

Posted on:2004-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360095951566Subject:Higher Education
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With over twenty years' development in our country, Private universities and colleges (Pu&Cs) have come upon the elimination stage from the former high-speed increasing stage, during which those with too small scale, unsteady school-running and low quality have been eliminated. Quality has come into the lifeblood for the existence and development of Pu&Cs, and many of essential factors which influence the educational quality have much to do with teaching, to put it in another way, teaching is the core of education. Therefore, it is practically significant to study teaching quality under such circumstances. With some scientific methods of higher education, this thesis defines the unique standard of quality for Pu&Cs under the specific background of China's mass higher education. Through emphatically analyzing three teaching factors: teachers, students and teaching content, this thesis sums up experience achieved before, dissects problems caused in the past, and then put forward measures for improvement.In the author's view point, it is determined by school-running strength and school-running environments that Pu&Cs make an orientation of higher technical and vocational education, which should also be premise of analysis of the quality of Pu&Cs. According to the analysis of the three essentials above, the component of teachers in most Pu&Cs is rather complicated, part-time teachers take up larger proportion, the crew as a whole is not steady; also in Pu&Cs, most of students are not as excellent as those in public universities and colleges, and would not like to study; as for majors and courses, Pu&Cs can provide more varied majors and courses which meet the need of market. However, sometimes the system is unscientific, uncharacteristic and over utilitarian. Contra posing the features of teachers, it is better for Pu&Cs to adjust the proportion between full-time teachers and part-time ones, strengthen the construction of professional members, and at the same time improve human-resource management to encourage teachers; aiming at the features of students, Pu&Cs should try their best to recruit students with excellent achievements in high school so as to ensure students' quality at entrance. During cultivating, teachers should keep up their confidence firstly. Then the teacher should teach students in accordance with their aptitude, help them overcome studying difficulty. As for curriculum system, it is necessary to improve quality of curriculum design, starting with its process. With all above, a guarantee mechanism of the teaching quality for Pu&Cs will be founded.
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