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The Relationship Between The Local University And The Cultivation Base Of The Reserve Force Of The High-quality National Defense

Posted on:2005-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360122490321Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Making a general survey of our times, the international situation moves towards relaxation overall, the peace and development are the themes of the times, but not very peaceful all over the world, the serious threats of hegemonic power politics and "Taiwan independence" protagonists still exists; And on the other hand, the international military competition taking Hi-Tech as sign grows in intensity , every main country of the world attaches great importance to quality and builds up the Army . Future war will be the highly modernized military technology and contention of the weaponry. So, we should not merely have more high-grade, precision and advanced military technological reserve, a large number of high-quality soldiers store even more. The high-tech war needs to have both will to serve the motherland and nationals defense reserve talent of professional technical ability in large batches.Meanwhile, under reducing armaments on the influence of the thought in the world, various countries, in order to develop economy, must reduce the quantity of the standing army , strengthen the reserve force construction of the national defense. Our country should especially pay attention to strengthening the reserve force construction of the national defense as developing countries, improve the quality of reserve force greatly . So our troops in a situation that: army reduces the active service, store and have modern scientific and technical knowledge, have advanced military thinking and high political consciousness with higher speed, and can use the modernized military technology and reserve force of the weapon , have already become a long-term important task in national defense construction of our country.In training and bring up large quantities of high-quality military talents, the function of the local university is very important. University students are a high-level talent of the reserve force of the national defense, its quantity quality structure, occupy the important position in reserve force. Carry on defense education to university students, help students to inherit the encouraging a military spirit of Chinese nation in the peaceful environment, keep the sober head of " thinking of danger in times of safety ", study and grasp certain military knowledge and technical ability , become the fresh combatants of reserve force of a national defense. So, the local university trains the importance and necessity of the base to come to light day by day as the strength behind the national defense.As to present and domestic and international military talent improvementthat it require, this text puts forward a kind of new strategic thought, regard local university as the cultivation base of the reserve force of the high-quality national defense. What it paid attention to is the high-technology of national defense construction, high-quality national defense talents, national defense strategy is comprehensive.This thesis is divided into four chapters: Chapter one, introduction, including study the back-ground , the current situation of research and three parts of train of thought of writing of this text; Chapter two, domestic and international national defense reserve force trains the overview, build the summary in including the reserve force of national defense, foreign national defense reserve force trains the state, domestic national defense reserve force trains the state and improves the necessity of the reserve force quality of the national defense; Chapter three, the important position in the reserve force cultivation of the high-quality national defense of local university, including the important position in the reserve force cultivation of the national defense of local university, historical stage that the local university trained the reserve force of the national defense, the form of university's defense education and four parts of advantage in training the reserve force of the high-quality national defense of local university of the present stage; Chapter four, the exploration and innovation of the...
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