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From Competence-based To Quality-Based

Posted on:2005-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360122991594Subject:Education Management
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The 21st century is a knowledge_based economic era, which demands of the persons with high quality and creative ability as well as broad knowledge and special techniques. To meet the needs, a new Talent Education Model came into being. This model focuses on the coordinating development in a person's knowledge, competence and quality, that is, to cultivate the talent persons with the combination of specialist and versatile knowledge has become a common trend in the worldwide reform of Talent Education Model. In order to keep in pace with the international tendancy, our secondary vocational education needs to transfer its traditional Talent Education View (Competence-based) by setting up a new educational goal(quality-based).This paper firstly makes a brief analysis of the existed problems in present Talent Education Model in secondary vocational education, on the basis of which, displays theoretical background of quality_based Education and the key related quality secondary vocational education factors. At last, the paper put forth the basic idea of building up quality_based Talent Education Model from the aspect of tasks, goals and course structure. The whole paper aims to provide some inspiration in research the development of secondary vocational education in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Competence--Based, Quality--Based, Secondary Vocational Education, Talent Education Model
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