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Competence Based Vocational Education

Posted on:2002-09-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B W WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360032953439Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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From 1990' s to now, Competence Based Vocational Education (CBVE) has been a popular topic for discussion in the field of our country' s vocational theoretic and practices. Many researches are simply limited on the introduction of foreign CBVE, lack of comprehensive systematic and embedded researches. This paper is based on the history of Foreign Competence Based Vocational Education; international background and extensive theory basic research, it makes a contrast research with the system and character of CBVE and the traditional vocational education. CBVE was born in North America in 1970' s. It' s a new teaching mode, it has a long history, an international background and an extensive theoretic foundation. This kind of education is based on the abilities that are owned by someone when he wants to go in for a certain concrete vocation, it designs the content of teaching, teaching mode of evaluating teaching effects. It includes five steps: investigation and analysis of market, making the chart of competence, developing learning wind, putting in practice of teaching and manager of teaching. It focuses on the confirmation and resolution of correlation competencies. This teaching made of vocational education is entirely different from that of traditional vocational education. It has it' s own advantages.The mode based on competence not subject is a new train of thought of vocational and technical education; it has been accepted extensively in our country. What we want to absorb from foreign CBVE and how to absorb, many people are confused by these questions. According to the disadvantages of our country' s vocational education teaching mode, this paper puts forward that we must extensively absorb experiences from foreign CBVE theories; we must build up the competence based teaching guidance thought, realize the change from a teacher to a student, absorbthe thought of modularization comprehensive courses and draw lessons from the advantages of Competence- Based Assessment to improve the scientific and rational evaluation of our country' s vocational education; we also must make use of vocational analysis to confirm vocational competence; etc. But we want to absorb something from foreign CBVE; we don' t want to copy any ready-made mode; we want to extensively absorb the quintessence of CBVE. This paper probes into these questions on CBVE, I hope it can give some advice and helps to theory research and practical exploration of CBVE.
Keywords/Search Tags:competence-based, vocational education, Competence-Based Assessment, modularization courses
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