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A Study Of Achievement Goal Orientation Apply In The General Lessons Of Volleyball

Posted on:2006-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360152486326Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The theory of achievement goal orientation is one of three pillars of the social cognitiontheories, have more perfect, mature theories system, and be placed in the dominate position instudying the motivation of physical education in the contemporary era. This theory fixesattention on to encourage and maintain the inside motivation of individual. Based onreviewing the previous theory of achievement goal orientation study, this article processesand analyzes the data and questionnaire by the way of document, expert's interview,questionnaire, teaching experiment, mathematics statistics, and adopting the T examinationand χ2 examination. First, the article carries on the thorough research towards the origin,setting up, the influence on the individual motivation and the teaching environment of thetheory of achievement goal orientation, that should have theoretically proved the possibilityand the advantage that the theory of achievement goal orientation applies to teaching ofgeneral lessons of volleyball. Second, the teaching experiment claims that training towardsthe achievement goal orientation of students can enhance individual theory level, technique,skill, effort and fortitude. Reflect through the questionnaire: ①In this experiment, theachievement goal orientation has three factor structures: mastery goal orientation,achievement-near to the goal orientation and achievement-dodge the goal orientation. ②The students who having the mastery goal orientation incline to paying attention to thedevelopment of their abilities, and have the high approbation for great efforts. Mastery goalorientation is the best one for improving the volleyball skills and the level of theories ofstudents; ③This article induces the scientific nature, rationality and functional nature ofachievement goal orientation by combining theories and experiments, and verifies thatdeveloping the achievement goal orientation of individual in the teaching process can formmore excellent classroom atmosphere, promote passion of individual study, and enhanceindividual learning motivation. Therefore, the theory of achievement goal orientation is notonly applicable to the teaching of general lessons of volleyball in physical education, but alsoprovides the worthy reference for other teaching of physical education.
Keywords/Search Tags:the theory of achievement goal orientation, mastery goal orientation, achievement-near to the goal orientation, achievement-dodge the goal orientation, achievement motivation
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