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The Research Of The Quality Assurance System Of Network Education In University

Posted on:2006-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360152488729Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Modern education represented by network supplies conditions to meet people's further study and meanwhile promotes the network education's in china appearance and development. Along with the rising of network education in the university, people are beginning to regard its quality. How to guarantee the network education's quality and establish the quality assurance system according with our network education's situation is this article's research subject.Firstly, it introduces network education's characteristic, the relative theory of quality assurance and the developing situation of network education in China and its existing problem by expatiating and comparing several correlative concepts. Getting the revelation from the introduction of other countries' network education quality assurance system and using those for reference, I find the basic theory and knowledge framework to solve some problems on this research.Secondly, it researches the factors affecting the network education's quality. The basic activity of university's network education is network teaching activity. The factors affecting the network education's teaching activity and learners' autonomic learning is just the main factors affecting the quality of university's network education. I analyze the interior factors (such as specialty establishment and courses construction, teachers' essential diathesis, teaching establishment's condition , teaching process's management, examination's content and manner, cost benefit's analysis and supervision and operational mechanism) and exterior factors (such as teaching spot, other learner, institute organization and other social factors) affecting the teaching quality of university's network education.Thirdly, this article laid stress on the construction of the interior quality assurance system model of university's network education, which mainly concludes the constructions on the resource standard system, the process operation criterion, the management pattern, the estimation model, the educational qualification certification and the quality monitor system.Lastly, it creatively puts forward the thoughts of constructing exterior quality assurance system of universities' network education in china according to such aspects as the aim, management, commonality service system, legal system, outlay, evaluation, ideological and political education and constructs the internal and external organized university's network education quality certification system of our country.
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