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A Study On Quality Assurance System Of Teacher Education In Hong Kong

Posted on:2016-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330470973582Subject:Comparative Education
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After bringing into the field of higher education the concept of Quality Assurance has now become popular and people from all over the world is paying more and more attention on utilizing quality assurance in the field of teacher education for promoting the professional development of teachers, assuring the quality of teacher education and advancing the educational level. As one of the most developed areas in economic and education in the world, Hong Kong has established its own complete set of Teacher Education Quality Assurance System. There is no doubt that analyzing the composition and operation of the system deeply,summarizing its characteristics and problems will provide a valuable reference for Chinese mainland to establish and develop Teacher Education Quality Assurance System.The paper has six chapters which are divided into five parts.The first part is the introduction which discusses the reason and significance of this study, defining the conceptions of several main concepts in this study, reviewing the previous research achievements, and ascertaining the purpose, content and methods of the study.The second part reviews the history of teacher education in HK, and comb its experience from the embryo of teacher education to this day. Teacher education institutions in the embryo period belonged to; secondary education area which cultivated primary teachers mainly and had the characteristic of apprenticeship. In the period of slowly developing, even though teacher education still belonged to the secondary education area, teacher education institutes started to train middle school teachers after the establishment of Northcote School. The situation changed after the insurance of No.5 Report, which decided to build Hong Kong Institute of Education as a teacher education college. After that, teacher education in HK had changed its disorderly situation and started to develop toward professionalization and qualification. At last, the paper introduces the current situation of teacher education since 1997.The third part analyzes the constitute and operation of external quality assurance system of Hong Kong teacher education external quality assurance system, which consists of several main institutions:University Grants Committee, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualification, Hong Kong Education Bureau and Joint Quality Review Committee. These five institutions ensure the quality of teacher education of Hong Kong in two main domains:academic accreditation of teacher education institution, and professional authentication of teacher education, by means of specific division and cooperation.The fourth part consists of three chapters which introduces the internal teacher education quality assurance system. In this part, the author specially analyze the following measures to assure teacher education quality:the setting and implement of quality assurance institution and organization on campus, teacher education course, teaching, admission requirement and internship.The last part summarizes the characteristics of Hong Kong Teacher Education Assurance System:the positive interaction of external and internal quality assurance system, the cooperation of statutory institutions and non-statutory institutions, the reasonable teacher qualification attestation by college-attestation and government registration, the international constitute of teacher education quality assurance system.
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