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Foundation Stone Of Educational Equity: Reform Of Educational Institutions

Posted on:2006-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360152990970Subject:Principles of Education
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Educational equity is one of conspicuous issues when our society is in the time of transformation. And it also increasingly becomes a focal point. While educational equity is a historic concept with copious connotation, making the connotation clear is the basis of improving the educational equity and the foundation to judge the equity of educational facts. At the same time, educational institutions have all kinds of definitions, so it is a necessary premise for the discussion of the reform of educational institution to make the definition of educational institution and the extent of the reform clearly.As one of human's basic value pursuit, educational equity has eternal value. Improving educational equity is restricted by many elements. In such elements, educational institutions are the key one. Educational institution is the resources to develop education and institutional capital. The reform of educational institution is the foundation to promote the development of education and improve educational equity. The basic function of educational institution mainly supports the process of educational games, and it also influences educational equity and has a standardization function to allot and adjust the resources.The problem of educational equity appears because of the facts of educational inequity. The educational inequity, which is caused by the unsuitable arrangement of educational institutions, reflects fully both incompulsory education and voluntary education. On the base of revealing educational inequity, we can see in which direction the reform of educational institutions should go to improve educational equity.As the foundation of improving educational equity, educational institution needs to depend on the power of reform if it would occur. The power of reform exists in the need of pursuing educational interests. In the basis of analyzing the power of reform, it is practical to make full use of the power of reform and discuss the practical power to stimulate the reform successfully.In order to improve educational equity in China now, the core of the reform is to increase the valid and effective supply of the institution of educational equity. The laws institutions of educational and reform in education financial are foundation, which can increase the educational rights and allot the educational resources more fairly. To improve educational equity, raise the strategy thoughts which make the reform of educational institution individualization, on the base of analyzing the defect of equity of the current educational institutions.
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