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Research On The Operation Of Learning Communities In The Curriculum Of The Introduction To Educational Technology

Posted on:2006-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360152991504Subject:Education Technology
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With the development of instruction reform, more and more people realized that learner is the principle part in the learning process. In the process of curriculum practice, setting up the principle part status of learner is the precondition, but whether the learner can study actively is the key to succeed. So how to start up and maintain the intent is an important question for discussion.This thesis analyses the phenomena of learning hard, advise to construct a dynamic learning process-learning communities. With the multi-communication between the participators ( including the expert, teacher and learner ), learning communities can start up and maintain the enthusiasm of the learner, then reach the purpose of improving instructional effect.In this research, the author designs the object, process and evaluation of the learning communities based on the idea of Legitimate Peripheral Participation and the characteristic of learning communities itself. And at the same time, for the sake of validate the feasibility and validity of this project, the author designs and practices adynamic learning process--educational technology learning communities in thecurriculum of An introduction to educational technology. Which adopts random access instruction, induces the learners meet educational technology from different point of view. The learner can comprehend the culture characteristic of this field through the intercommunion > collaboration and conversation between the learner and experts or teachers and accompanier. The learner can achieve his identity within the movement from the fringe of the field to the center. We achieve preferable effect in this practice.The result indicates: integrating the learning communities with the inherent characteristics into the curriculum instruction, can both make use of resource soundly ,accelerate the learner understand better ,and provide an environment for intercommunion between the learner and teacher as well.
Keywords/Search Tags:learning communities, action design, action practice, effect evaluation, educational technology
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