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A Study On The Competence Model Of Professional Sports Coaches In China

Posted on:2007-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360182489581Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Originated in the 1970s, the theory of competence has become today's leading issue in the field of management and psychology. The main objects of research were the middle-and-higher level managers in the past 30 years, but few researches have been conducted on sports coaches in sports organizations of China. This research primarily constituted The Competence Dictionary of Sports Coaches of China and interviewed 18 provincial grade 1 and higher sports coaches relating to 11 sports events with the method of Behavior Events Interview (BEI). Moreover, this research constituted "The Competence Model of Sports Coaches in China" and made an explanation of the model. Finally, a primary conclusion has been drawn as following:(1) There is no obvious difference between the excellent athletic sports coaches and the generic ones on the length of interview (word count). The number of word count of interview is not markedly related with the frequency and average scores of competence, so the frequency and average scores can be coded and analyzed and the analysis has good stability and differentiation.(2) The frequency of competence is different between the excellent professional sports coaches and the generic ones, and it implies that the excellent coaches usually show competence.(3) This research finds the excellent coaches are different from the generic coaches in 7 types of competencies though the analysis of average scores and 2 types of them have evident difference.(4) The competence model of athletic sports coaches in China is consisted of 7 competencies: Knowledge Acquirement, Teamwork, Trust in Colleague and Cooperation Promotion, Authority, Self-confidence, Attention to Detail, Solicitude.(5) The competence dictionary of other fields is not fit for the research of professional sports coaches in China.(6) The competence model of sports coach in China is significantly different from that of sports organization managers in foreign countries: they share no one the same at all. Compared with the competence model of the general entrepreneurs in foreign countries, the model of Chinese sports coaches share 3 same or similar items. The main cause lies in the speciality of the sports coaches' profession.
Keywords/Search Tags:Professional Sports Coaches, The Competence Model, Behavior Events Interview
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