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A Study Of Economic Globalization And The Reform Of Universities' Personnel Training Mode (PTM)

Posted on:2006-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360182970315Subject:Agricultural extension
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With the rapid development of world market and the scientific & technical innovation in the mid-twentieth century, economic globalization and its relevant economic intelligentization turn out to be an irresistible modern trend with strong vitality. Mainly relying on knowledge and intelligence, the rapid growth of knowledge economy in the proportion of world economy is a significant example. Owing to these two new kinds of trends and characteristics of economic development during this new period, the influence of economic development is made to break through traditional fields and limits, and more and more directly set foot in such fields as culture, education, and etc. Meanwhile deeper and more powerful impact has been produced especially on higher education which is temporarily important in the society. On the one hand, in order to develop higher education, a series of new challenges have been proposed, which lead to gradually fierce market competition. Moreover, the contention and flow of university teachers are accelerated. PTM faces fierce challenge on account of the survival of the fittest. On the other hand, the economic globalization also has created a lot of new opportunities for developing higher education. For example, as a result of people's reliance on knowledge, the status of higher education has been promoted. Due to the opportunity brought by various ways of investment, the money needed to promote higher education increases tremendously. The enhancement of international cooperation and communication will be extremely helpful to improve the quality and level of universities in our country.This research proceeds from the concept of quality. Proposal is made to meet the needs of the development of economic globalization on the basis of analyzing the basic feature and structure of the quality. The basic quality that personnel should possess during the training of higher education is required as follows: firstly, oneshould be ideologically moral with the establishment of correct Weltanschauung and life values. With firm socialism and communist faith, one should train himself to be able to distinguish the right from the wrong;secondly, one should be psychologically sound with diligent and indomitable will;thirdly, one should be comprehensively and fully aware of his professions and capable of facing the fierce competition and cooperation;fourthly, one should be able to own and apply the knowledge and information of driving, English and computer. At last, one should be creative and innovative as well.The research also studies the PTM in the universities. Meanwhile, it re-analyses and redefines the basic concept "PTM in the universities" on the basis of the theory of systematic mode managing personnel training. PTM is the educational and teaching pattern chosen and designed with the purpose of achieving a certain kind of educational goal under the teaching condition available. PTM includes designing of specialities, course systems, teaching methods, education and teaching operating mechanisms as well as non-teaching training etc. Furthermore, The Personnel Training Mode should be systematic, intermediary, model, operative, consistent and reformable.Having analyzed the evolution of PTM in universities since the foundation of PR China, this research put forward the current developmental trend to reform PTM system in universities. First, we must better our concept of education. More attention ought to be paid to the development of the society and each individual. Second, the trainees must vary and adjust themselves to the development of the society. Third, the specialty setting must be comprehensive and universal. At last, the curriculums setting should be integrated as a whole gradually. Meanwhile, this research comparatively studies the reform of PTM in developed countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, Britain and France.The study uses the tropism of reform in developed countries as a reference after comprehensively analyzing the impact of economic globalization on quality-oriented personnel training in universities in China. It also summarizes the shortcomings impacts of the Chinese traditional training mode. In conclusion, to accord with thetrend of economic globalization, the detailed thought and measures of reforming the PTM are as follows: 1. optimizing curriculum structure;2. further defining training goals and adjusting training standards;3. setting up flexible and comprehensive curriculum system;4. further perfecting credit system;5. carrying out opening-up teaching method;6. establishing new personnel training system;7. deepening the reform of teaching management and promoting the efficiency of running a school and the quality of personnel training.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic Globalization, Institution of Higher Education, Quality of Personnel Training, Personnel Training Mode (PTM), Quality-oriented Education
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