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The Process Of Popularization Of Higher Education Personnel Training Mode And Outlook

Posted on:2005-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360125457143Subject:Higher Education
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At the beginning of this dissertation, the domestic and overseas research productions of higher education massification are summarized, and the scholar's research circs about talent-cultivating models and quality conception in the process of higher education massification are introduced emphatically too. Then it makes a study of the forming process of the concept of higher education massification and its implications, pointing out the differences and the relations between "mass higher education" and "higher education massification", deals mainly with the forming era backgrounds, the ideology foundations, and the practice groundwork of Martin Trow's ideological theory on higher education massification and introduces the main contents of this theory and its huge influence on the development of higher education all over the world.Subsequently by reviewing its processes and its developing trends overseas, and by studying the characters and the problems presenting in its processes, the dissertation sums up the characters in talent-cultivation overseas and points out that higher education massfication is the inevitable result when the human society develops up to a certain phrase, and it is the necessary choice in the development of the society and human beings.Based on the formal research foundations, with the studying of the forming process of multi-quality conception in talent-cultivation and the evolvement characters of talent-cultivating models and quality conception in the course of higher education massification overseas, it is believed that the establishment of multi-quality conception in talent-cultivation and the construction of the diversified talent-cultivating models in accordance with it are one of the key complications in assuring its persistent development in the coming future.Therefore, after reviewing the realistic problems of talent-cultivating models and quality conception in the course of China's higher education massification, and after analyzing the higher education expanding currents and the realistic requirements of constructing the diversifiedtalent-cultivating models and quality conception, the author brings forward the theory bases and the principle of constructing them firstly. Then found on the classification of the talents and the higher education institutions, by combining the general education model with the compound talent-cultivating models organically, this dissertation builds up the diversification talent-cultivating models on three administrative levels, that is, the graduate student's education, the undergraduate course education and the technological academy education. At the same time the author provides the diversified choices in the aspects of the objects, the orientations, the specifications and requirements, the modes and approaches, the processes, and the evaluations in the talent-cultivation.To a certain extent, the research production of this dissertation can be used as reference and guidance in accelerating the process of China's higher education massification.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher education massification, quality conception, talent-cultivation models, diversification
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