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A Task-based Approach To Teaching Oxford English In Junior Middle School

Posted on:2007-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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English as foreign language is widely used in China. With the development of linguistics, psychology and pedagogy, people are taking a new look at foreign language teaching, and Task-based Approach is also endowed with a new meaning, which reflects on a new teaching method. This new approach regards language not merely as a system of rules, but a tool for human communication. And accordingly, the traditional methods of teaching grammar should be reformed and the Task-based Approach is advocated.Oxford English (Shanghai Edition) is a 12 years package of student and teacher resource materials, especially designed for use in Shanghai primary and secondary school. The package reflects the current trends in language teaching and learning. It aims to enable students to develop a functional competence in English that will be of practical value to them for their subsequent careers and in their personal lives.The best aspects of several methodologies that have proved successful in teaching English as a foreign language are incorporated in Oxford English teaching in addition to the Task-based Approach. This thesis explores how teachers successfully use the Task-based Approach to teaching Oxford English in junior middle school by combining language forms and functions and have students take an active part in the meaning communicative activities, thus learning English well in the use of language.
Keywords/Search Tags:Task-based Approach, linguistic competence, functional competence communicative competence
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