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On The New Development Of The Views Of Modern Knowledge And Its Enlightenment To National Curriculum Reform Of Elementary Education

Posted on:2007-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360185962127Subject:Principles of Education
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Under the background of dramatic reform in the present society, one of the important tasks of education research is to think carefully and thoroughly about the relations between education and knowledge, and then, to form complete and reasonable view of knowledge. The view of knowledge is a basic viewpoint to the knowledge. With the development and changes of knowledge, the view of knowledge is also faced with a constantly adjustment and change, and this kind of changes certainly will affect the curriculum reform of elementary education. For this, it has certain theoretical values and realistic significance to inquire into the effect on new development of the present view on knowledge to current curriculum reform of elementary education.The full article can be divided into five parts:The first part mainly discusses and analyses the reason of why putting forward the problem. One of the reasons, firstly, is that the view of knowledge is a key problem. That's to say,the knowledge and education exist the close relation; The view of knowledge is an important factor to restrict and influence the design of school curriculum. Misunderstanding to the relation between the knowledge and education put forward the new request to the development of the view on knowledge. Secondly, the other is that modern view of knowledge is increasingly falling into a difficult position. And under its guidance the area of education appear a series of crisis. Argument on knowledge problem causes a rethink and consideration for present view of knowledge.The second part mainly makes a clear clew on knowledge from various angles, and defines the view of knowledge. Knowledge is very abundant concept either in or extension meaning. It can be taken into the research from the different angles. This article mainly introduces different definition on knowledge from different angles of philosophy epistemology, sociology, psychology, and economics. On the basis of this, the view of knowledge can...
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