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The Study On The Transformation Of The View Of Knowledge In The Textbook Of Social Studies In The Primary School

Posted on:2008-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215984572Subject:Principles of Education
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Knowledge is an important factor that affects curriculum design greatly. Whatkind of knowledge is the most valuable? This is a core problem on curriculum theory.To some extent, the view of knowledge provides curriculum reform with theoreticalbasis. As people begin to discover more problems of the traditional view ofknowledge, how to understand the knowledge and the transformation of knowledgebecomes a important question in the educational reform.The postmodern view of knowledge offers Social Studies a good opportunity forexamining its subject construction from its own knowledge state and contributes topeople's reflecting on the experiences and lessons of the scientific development ofSocial Studies from a new angle of view. Based on the analysis of the textbook ofSocial Studies, the thesis points out the different aspects of changes of Social Studieswhich accompanies with the transformation of the view of knowledge in thebackground of the fundamental education reform. According to the research above,the thesis also puts forward some suggestions to the reform of the Social Studies inthe primary school.The thesis consists of four parts:Analyzing the achievements in the transformation of the view of knowledge andthe former research on the Social Studies, the first chapter advances the theme of thethesis, that is, by combining the analysis on the textbook of Social Studies, to take theview of the knowledge deep into the microscopic field, so that propel the furtherresearch on the transformation of knowledge. In addition, this chapter illustrates themain research measure and lays down the key definition in the thesis.The second chapter provides the curriculum criterion and the textbook of primaryschool Social Studies with the historical and actual investigation. Comparing with thedifferent curriculum criterion during the different period and the different content,system, form between the new and old edition of the textbook, it reveals the differentcharacteristics of social textbook under the different views of knowledge.In the view of the idea of the knowledge, the third chapter analyzes the socialcurriculum of the primary school. There is a necessary connection between thecurriculum and the view of the knowledge. The change of the view of the knowledgeaffects the content and implement of the curriculum greatly. In the curriculumreformation, it reflects in four aspects: the choice of the curriculum, the organizationof the curriculum, the transmission of the curriculum, and the function of the curriculum.The fourth chapter proposes some practical advice for the curriculum reform ofSocial Studies. The transformation of the view of knowledge does not mean denyingall the past, in a sense, the view of the knowledge of postmodernism exceeds andinherits the modernism, while the reformation of the Social Studies is restructuringthe curriculum at this backdrop. In order to promote the Social Studies reformation,the thesis proposes some advices in order to be available for the Social Studiesreformation.Moreover, there are conclusions of the research at the end of the paper. Itsummarizes the conclusions and also submits suggestions for the innovations findingsof this research.
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