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A Study On Reform Of Geometrical Curriculum In The View Of Knowledge

Posted on:2008-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215968748Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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The view of knowledge is the people's base attitude, thinking, and belief which is about knowledge is all hypotheses which is about knowledge's essence, source, scope, standard, value and so on, it is people's overall cognition and base viewpoint. The view of knowledge is the basis and premise for teaching. Knowledge is a core factor to constitute curriculum, it is a key matter which all of curriculum reform have no way to avoid. Curriculum is practiced by selecting knowledge, organizing knowledge and study movement, people's different view to knowledge also affects the train of thought and orientation to weave curriculum, affects trend and material organizing of curriculum designing. The view of knowledge directly affect and dominate to how to teach and what is quality standard for teaching.On the basis of domestic and overseas former relevant study about the view of knowledge, the view of curriculum knowledge and geometrical curriculum reform, the paper analysis the connotation of the view of knowledge and the view of curriculum knowledge, also discuss their tendency and evolution. By virtue of the train of thought and the approach of research on the view of knowledge, the paper analysis the geometrical knowledge and geometrical curriculum reform from knowledge's essence, value, and the means of acquisition, to find the main problem of geometrical curriculum reform in establishing the objectives, selecting and organizing the content, implement and evaluation; analysis the strategies to domestic geometrical curriculum reform and put forward some suggestions:1. Take correct attitude to the geometrical curriculum knowledge which is not next to real-life, or not immediately apply to produce;2. Give the space and chance to students for their wide active thinking, independent judging and selecting;3. Recognize and tackle correctly the problem of interest in geometrical curriculum;4. To realize the objectives of curriculum on emotion and attitude is not only relying on formal movement;5. Pay attention to the danger of technology instead of students' imagination and pondering.
Keywords/Search Tags:the view of knowledge, the view of curriculum knowledge, geometrical curriculum, mathematical curriculum, reform
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