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Patterns And Development Ventures Taking Part In Middle Professional Education And Personnel Training

Posted on:2006-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360185996285Subject:Education Management
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Middle professional education belongs to the stage education of senior high school.It is also important part in the professional education system of our country.It is the task that the Party and our country give us, to develope middle professional education with great exertion, to advance it to coordinate development with the economic society and to advance it to coordinate development with other kinds of educations, and to train millions of high quality workers for the society.It is also one of the important points of our country education in the future.No doubt,after the foundation of our country, especially since innovation, the professional educations develope deeply. It has contributed greatly to the socialism modernization construction.In the developing course in the new situation, professional education,especially middle professional education meet with assault with never meeting with before.There are many problems in the development. The conditions to run school,pattern to train the students and the level to look for jobs are the three bottle necks to restrict it develope.The experiences of foreign professional education and the practice of our professional education prove: If we promote venture to take part in personnel training, combine the production with study, cooperate withschools, we can settle the three problems above.The article retrospect the professional education of our country and the world. After it summarizes and analyze the chief patterns on behalf of personnel training, according to the practice, it offers the ventures should take part in the professional education of personnel training and form personnel training patterns of ability and quality.So it can move the professional education and offer useful suggestions. It tries to search a way that it either absorb the foreign experience in profession education or adapt our country.And then the example that ventures take part in the middle professional personnel training can prove the possibility, necessity and importance which the ventures take part in the personnel training.
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