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On The Cultivation Of History Consciousness In Middle School History Teaching

Posted on:2007-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In history teaching in our country, our history teachers haven't taken the characteristics of this subject into consideration, not been aware that history is one of the humanities, and confused history teaching methods with ones of other subjects. As a result, it is difficult for the history curriculum reform to break through the hedge of the traditional teaching. So the big problem existing in the present history teaching is the lack of humanistic character and little attention to the cultivation of the historical consciousness.What is the historical consciousness? There are varies of opinions in academic circles. Historical consciousness is a series of basic viewpoints about history, gradually formed in the process of the people' s observation, experience, and thought, and is also a kind of thinking ideas and ways that people survey history and social problem. It includes five aspects: it is a sense of history and history recollection; it is an outlook on history that people treat and know about the history events and problems; it is a method how people analyze, settle the historical or social problems; it is a kind of history sentiment and it is also an outlook on value. The advantage of developing the history consciousness in the period of middle school fundamental education can make the students deepen his own national culture awareness and strengthen their national awareness and national ethos. It also attributes to developing students' good citizenship consciousness , fostering their ability of history thinking and the critical spirit., helping form their correct outlook on history. Meanwhile it can arouse the students' interest and desire of probing into the history problems.However , our traditional history teaching has paid little attention to the cultivation of this historical consciousness, which lies as follows: the neglect of student' s history thinking, students' lack of their own outlook on history ; students' little knowledge of history and weak history sense, the neglect of students' national recognition education., and the dull teaching contents and ignoring the education of students' emotion and outlook on value .The reasons that cause the history consciousness' deficiency are rather complex. They lie in the history...
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