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Research On The Three Subject Of Art History Compulsory High School History Of The People's Education Press

Posted on:2022-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important part of "compulsory three" cultural history,the relevant research on the teaching theory and teaching design of art history has not received due attention;at the same time,art history has not been the key content of the examination for a long time,which is easy to be ignored in teaching;in addition,in the middle school history teaching practice,there are many problems in the teaching of art history,which need to be solved urgently,so this paper takes the teaching of art history in high school as an example Research as the starting point,under the premise of carefully interpreting the new curriculum standard,through classroom observation,teaching records,supplemented by the study of relevant literature,this paper interprets and analyzes the content of high school art history teaching,and then expounds some principles and methods that should be followed in high school art history teaching,and through the discussion of specific teaching cases,provides some suggestions for high school art history teaching practice,hoping to provide some reference It can provide a new perspective and guidance for high school art history teaching.This paper consists of three parts:First,through the analysis of test papers and classroom records,this paper analyzes the problems existing in the teaching of art history in senior high school,and thinks that there are some problems in the teaching of art history in senior high school,such as the lack of attention in thought,the lack of teachers' quality and the limited interest of students in learning.Then,through some typical cases,the author points out the following deficiencies in the teaching practice of art history in Senior High School: the lack of "sense of history" and "sense of history" "Art beauty" can not give full play to the value of art history teaching,and some art history classes even lack of teaching content.On the basis of analyzing the teaching content of art history in senior high school and combing the different art forms involved in the teaching materials,the author makes reasonable choices and arrangements for the artistic style,form and specific teaching content.Second,in view of the current difficulties in the teaching of art history in senior high school,the main reasons are as follows: the interdisciplinary knowledge integration is wide and difficult;the textbook is written in the style of sub topic,so it is difficult for students to transfer knowledge;art has its own development law,and contains many reasons,which makes it difficult for non art practitioners to compete with it The students have mixed feelings.The solutions proposed by the author are as follows: the narration of art history should be connected with the knowledge of compulsory one or two schools;teachers should present typical historical materials to guide students to analyze the change of art style in combination with social and historical conditions;refine the teaching content,start from the historical attribute of Art history,match the historical node,and select appropriate art works and appreciation methods to deal with the content of art history teaching In order to reduce the students' learning burden,we should establish the teaching cooperation relationship between disciplines.Thirdly,combined with the teaching practice,the author designs a teaching case of art history in senior high school,which is full of charm of painting and calligraphy and drama art.In the teaching design,the author focuses on the use of the above-mentioned deconstruction style changes,taking time and space as the key link,combining with relevant historical data to let students make their own "historical explanation",guiding students to use historical materialism to correctly understand the value of art works;mobilizing students' sense of audio-visual,enriching the aesthetic experience of the classroom and other principles,and using the combination of life reality,flexible choice of teaching It is expected to provide reference for the teaching practice of art history.
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