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A Research On The Patterns Of Personnel Training Of Wushu Specialty In Shandong Province

Posted on:2007-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360212973460Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In fact,the world competition of the 21st country is the competition of talents and the talents competition is the competition of higher education。At present,there are many imperfect aspects of china's higher education in talent training work。Primarily embodied in the"too professional lines,single training model,old teaching content",these problems affect the quality of china's colleges and universities sports talents seriously。Experts believe that the main reason for the above problems is china's higher education bounded by traditional training model。In some degree,so is the talent training for wushu specialty。For example,Shandong Province with a long history of worshipping wushu and a wide-based masses,has a better social atmosphere。The talent training of wushu specialty in Shandong province develops much earlier than others。Since 1989,Shandong has had the right to enroll new students separately。With the diversification of social demand for qualified talents,the traditional training model couldn't meet the social need。In 1996,the academic Degrees committee of the state council and former state education commission established four secondary disciplines based on the former first sports discipline,including national traditional sports。In recent years,the rapid development of newly-built national traditional sports has cultivated a group of specialized wushu talents for the spreading and development of wushu,and also has made a soundly basin for fast development of wushu。However,during its developing process,it hides plenty of worrysome。A lot lf grim facts prove that national traditional sports of Shandong as newly-set majors,how to intergraded local advantages to cultivate wushu talents for meeting the social need and explore a characteristic training model for wushu (undergraduate)talents has become the important issue for current need to study and to solve。...
Keywords/Search Tags:Shandong province, Wushu Specialty, National Traditional Sports, the Patterns of Personnel Training
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