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The Research On The Problems And Its Countermeasures Of Applied-Type Talent Cultivation Of Undergraduate Education In The Institutions Of Higher Learning

Posted on:2008-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215465672Subject:Higher Education
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There are three main functions for higher institutions, including talent cultivation, the development science and the service for society in the higher institution, in which talent cultivation is the main function. The institutions of higher learning must not only raise scientists, researchers and engineers with first-level ability of research and development, but also cultivate a lot of applied-type talents and operation and management talents with rich modern scientific and craft management knowledge.This paper, with the general macroscopic analysis, summarizes the problems of talents cultivation and on the basis of the analysis of the concept, the characteristics, the requirements of the models of talent cultivation and the experience in the foreign countries and proposes the countermeasures for the applied-type undergraduates in Chinese colleges and universities. In the preface the paper puts forth the realistic question: the key problem for education is human being, but the most important problem for Chinese education is how to educate people. It is a focus for educational circles about how we treat those undergraduates. The article summarizes experience and lessons in the domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning, which sets realistic foundations for further research. The paper first analyzes the necessity for applied-type undergraduates in the colleges and universities through the concept and its meaning. Then in the second part, the paper summarizes the problems and its reasons, including the higher learning itself, labor market and management, on the basis of investigation and interview, and comes to a conclusion that the cultivation of applied-type undergraduates is about government, market and higher learning and their-mutual roles. In the final part, based on the theory of mass education and profits from foreign experience, the paper proposes that higher institutions should cultivate higher-quality applied-type talents through setting cultivation goals , building curriculum system and improving double- type teachers on the basis of strengthening practical training.
Keywords/Search Tags:institutions of higher learning, countermeasures, the applied-type undergraduate
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