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The Study Of Career Indecision For High School Students In China

Posted on:2008-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215468768Subject:Applied Psychology
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Career indecision is a kind of mental status which occurs when people is making career decision, they don't know which career to pursue in the future or which one should be chosen among others. In China, high school students are in the stage of career exploration and elementary decision, which is one of the important periods of individual career development. Based on foreign research, the study discussed Chinese high school students' inner structure of career indecision, further explored the factors influencing their career indecision, analyzed its deep reasons, and provided scientific basis for career guidance and consultancies in high school.This study aimed to discuss high school students' development characters of career indecision. Based on related research in home and abroad, combined with results from open and half open questionnaire, foreign career indecision investigation was revised. Through two structural questionnaire investigations, item analysis and validity test and reliability test were used. The revised questionnaire was used as a measuring tool and 700 high school students were chosen to be participants to investigate Chinese high school students' development characteristics of career indecision. And the relationship among high school students' career indecision, ego Identity and attachment to parents were wholly discussed. Results showed that;(1)The difficulty and discrimination of the revised Chinese CDDQ were good; Cronbach's alpha coefficient and test-retest reliability were satisfactory. Its structure validity was analyzed with confirmatory factor analysis, and results showed that ten sub-scales were loaded on three factors, and the model was good fitting and consistent with the original hypothesis, which indicated that the translated and revised Chinese CDDQ was a valid evaluating tool to explore high school students' career indecision character under Chinese culture background.(2)Sex difference didn't significantly influence high school students' career indecision, but grade, born place, parents' career and family income did.(3)Four kinds of ego identity status in ideological field directly influenced three sub-scales of career indecision. Only Identity diffusion status in human field directly influenced three sub-scales of career indecision, while Identity achievement status, Identity moratorium status, Identity Foreclosure status didn't.(4) Three factors of attachment to parents: mother communication, father communication and father trust can not only directly influence high school students' career indecision, but also indirectly influence through ego identity status. Mother alienation factor and father alienation factor also indirectly influenced career indecision through ego identity status.
Keywords/Search Tags:Career indecision, high school students, ego identity status, attachment to parents
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