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The Effect Of Family Factors On Career Decision Self-efficacy And Career Indecision Of College Students

Posted on:2008-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215469874Subject:Applied Psychology
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The early family influence partial in the occupation with the interest was already proposed in certain main occupation choice theories, that, many theories all proposed: The family factors closely connected with a person can affect his/her occupation development. In the consultation practice, we have also discovered the effect of family factors to the university student occupation choice. From the university student occupation development angle, This research is for the purpose of making a comprehensive survey and discuss the effect of the family various factors on the university student career decision-making self efficacy and career indecision, we carried on the analysis between their relations. Thus, enrich the career decision self efficacy and career indecision research content, widen the career decision research area and the scope, on the other hand provides the reference and the basis for the formulation reasonable occupation instruction intervention plan.This research choice family background variable and the family system variable as the main independent variable of the family factors, mainly because the family background better has represented the family outside environment, the family system has represented the inside function quality of the family, furthermore, separates the factors into the family inside and outside variable, can give more advantageous to discusse the relations between the variables, and is advantageous to the data statistical analysis.According to the existing research foundation, regarding the familybackground variable, our supposition family background can affect university student's career decision and career decision making self efficacy, use the factor analysis and t texst Regarding the family system, according to predecessor's fundamental research and the supposition, we believed, although the professional theory all had proposed the family factor has the important influence to the occupation development, but has been neglected in the corresponding research,and the existing findings are not ideal, the research between the family and the career decision have not had the substantive relational conclusions, but the career decision making self efficacy in the research was already proven has the close relation with the individual career choice, and is regarded as the important intermediary variable in many career development research, and some research shows: family factors and the career decision making self efficacy have the certain relation;According to the above, we suppose, the family system possibly can indirectly effect the career decision through the career decision making self efficacy as a mediate variable; According to the regression analysis between the family system and the career decision making self efficacy, the family system and the career indecision, we obtains the support result to the supposition above.So, we constructs an indirect influence model ,among the family system , the career decision making self efficacy and the career decision,then carries on the structure equation analysis to this model.The findings indicated that, (1) about the career decision making self efficacy : male students is higher than the female student; students whose parents'occupation is different shows different career decision making self efficacy; student s with better home economics condition is higher than the students with worse home economics condition; the family comes from the city is higher than thefamily from the countryside. (2)career indecision: the female students is more serious than the male student; the lower home economics condition students is more serious than the better home economics condition students; The countryside university student is more serious than the city university students, (3) the problem solution, the behavior control, the communication, the emotion involvement in the family system, plays a positively forecasts role to the university student career decision making self efficacy, but the emotion responds in the family system plays the negative forecast role.(4) the career decision making self efficacy and the occupationunsettled have remarkably negative correlation. (5) the family system intermediary had partially forecast the career indecision, through the career decision making self efficacy, and the behavior control, the problem solution in the family system shows the main function. At last we proposed the correlation consultation from the family angle.
Keywords/Search Tags:career indecision, family system, career decision making self efficacy, university student
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