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The Study On The Analysis Of The Current Quality Of Education Research And Development Strategy Of The High School Physics Teacher

Posted on:2008-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present, China is the full implementation of the new curriculum reform and cultivating the spirit of innovation and practical ability of students has become the goal of the new curriculum. Basic education as an important part of high school physical education, we are facing many problems yet to be studied and resolved. From the content of teaching, curriculum and teaching methods, teaching models and the evaluation of the teaching reform depend on the education workers, especially high school physics teacher unremitting exploration and research. However, the high school physical education teachers recognize there is insufficient scientific research, high-quality, capacity, time constraints, shortage of funds and many other issues.This article is to improve the quality of high school physics teachers in the new curriculum reform for education and scientific research, Contemporary Physics teacher's request, school all-round development of students, and even teachers learn ways to grow. In this paper, literature research, surveys, comparison study. Clarifying the current high school physics teachers do not have a high quality of education and scientific research the status quo. Research shows that high school physical education teachers do not have a high quality of the scientific research mechanism is that Mechanism is not sound educational research, School education research funding, high school teachers may freely dispose of the limited time available, Some teachers do not know the place of education and scientific research, the initiative is not strong, a lack of innovation, not the overall sense of coordination, The weak link theory and practice guidance, teachers and schools lack the inherent difference between science, effective management and evaluation mechanisms, the overall atmosphere is not a strong research and so on.This paper presents the basic strategy to address these problems, including the reform of high proofreading future high school physics teacher training colleges, changes in the concept of high school physics teachers, physics teacher training to improve the evaluation mechanism of action-oriented research. Construction of the new training, and expand the results of the promotion, the municipal education and scientific research, demonstration bases create a thick atmosphere of the schools and other educational research.
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