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A Study On The Strategy Of Promoting The Scientific Research Quality Of Full - Time Teachers In Community Education

Posted on:2015-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330431468896Subject:Adult Education
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Along with macro background of China’s social transformation, communityeducation has been given an important responsibility of the times, it has becomean important vector of lifelong education system and also a part of learningsociety. It plays a pivotal role in the community building and the building of aharmonious socialist society. For the development of community education andthe advance of learning community, a team of teachers specially forcommunity education are very important. For this reason, all the nationalexperimental zones of community education commonly select part of the primaryand secondary school teachers specializing in community education by the openrecruitment or assignment, these teachers are called " full-time communityeducation teachers."Education in a new era has some new demands to our teachers, they have tobecome a "research-based teacher" from the traditional "experience-basedteacher", the quality of scientific research for them is essential. It is not only animportant guarantee for improving the education quality, but also an effectiveway to improve the quality of teachers themselves. Quality of scientific reaearchhas become an important part of contemporar’y teachers quality, trainingemphasis on teachers’ quality of scientific research is imperative. As thebackbone of community education, full-time community education teachersnaturally have been included. At present, the scientific research of teachers inchina are in full swing, but that of the community education teachers are in arelatively backward state rfom both awareness and action. How to effectivelycarry out the education of scientific research, how to improve the quality of thefull-time community education teachers is a serious problem for the moment.This study is based on the practice of community education in selectingJiading District Community College/School ‘s full-time community educationteachers as object. Under the guidance of the t’eachers professional theory,itutilizes different research methods like literature review, questionnaire,interviewsand case study,combines the community-based education and full-time teacher’sjob responsibilities characteristics. On this basis, the structure of scientificresearch ofr the full-time community education teachers has been determined.The problem in the quality of scientific research for full-time community education teachers has been respectively analyzed from the spirit of scientificresearch, scientific knowledge and research capacity.Some major problems for full-time community education teachers are asfollows: the retardation of scientific research consciousness, the wrongscientific attitude, the lack of scientific knowledge, the lowness of scientificresearch ability and so on. The quality of full-time community education teachersand their consciousness for scientic research are the subjective factors for thisproblem, but the lack of scientific research atmosphere, research mechanism andpost training and other external factors can not be ignored. So starting from thepresent situation of scientiifc research for full-time community educationteachers, rfom the subjective and objective factors, this study have summarizedthe strategies to promote full-time community education teachers’ scientificresearch quality:1. Change the mind, to make full-time community educationteachers feel happy to do scientific reaearch;2. Make them master the educationresearch knowledge and their ability to enhance full-time community educationteacher’s professional quality;3. Create a good conditions and environment forfull-time community education teachers;4. Set up a new scientific, reasonableevaluation and incentive system to improve the motivation of full-timecommunity education teacher for the scientific research;5. Comprehensivelyimprove the effectiveness of education and research training.The study are based on the analyze of the responsibilities of full-timecommunity teachers and the structure of the scientific research quality as well asthe analyze of the current situation of educational research and the reasons ofthose problems. Starting rfom the practice of community education andscienticreaearch,it can give some upgrading strategies to promote the spirit offull-time community education teachers for scientific reaearch, to promote theformation and the development of scientiifc knowledge and capabilities, toenhance the professional quality of full-time community education teachers,and finally it can promote the progress of community education.
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