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County Secondary School Teacher Education And Research Quality Survey And Countermeasures

Posted on:2007-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360182999849Subject:Education Management
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It is necessary for the high school teachers to possess educational research's ability in modern basic education. And it is also the demand of modern social development. The educational research is the obligation & the right of high school teachers and the effective approach of teachers' development. Teachers' vitality will come from it. The teachers' future will be combined with the intending teachers by educational research. It is the important guarantee for teachers to possess of favorable scientific research quality in performing educational scientific research, probing into educating & teaching's laws and improving educating & teaching's quality. It's the needs to suit the new elementary educational curriculum reform and promote high school teacher's professionalization. Scientific research quality has become the important part of modern teacher's quality. It is a main trend of world teachers' educational development to pay attention to the cultivation of the quality of teachers' scientific research. How to comply with era's development demand and improve teachers' scientific research quality, especially the ones of high school in county district is a key matter which we face at present.Educational scientific research ability refers to the totality of knowledge, skill and mentality required for an individual teacher, when he, viewing the problems and phenomena of education, adopts educational scientific research theories, techniques and methods in the process of the research. It includes educational scientific research consciousness, attitudes towards the research, guiding theories and the research ability.The methods adopted in the study include questionnaire, individual interview and documentary records. By adopting questionnaire, a survey of the educational scientific research ability of 200 teachers in 9 high schools in Linzhang County is conducted. The survey is classified into 7 categories, that is, individual information, educational scientific research consciousness, guiding theories, ability, attitudes, activities and achievements and the external environment of the educational scientific research. Meanwhile, interviews with relevant educational administration leaders, managers of educational scientific research administrative departments, some of the headmasters and high school teachers are included.The study provides a comprehensive and objective comprehension of the current situation of the educational scientific research ability of high school teachers in the County district and makes proposals for improving the educational scientific research ability of the teachers.The survey and the analysis suggests that:1: The collective scientific research consciousness of the teachers is good, but it has community differences, that is, it differs in teachers with different titles or teachers in different schools.2: The scientific research theoretical ability of the teachers is poor generally, especially, the rural middle school teachers.3: Because of the low scientific research ability of the teachers, it needs to be improved.4: The scientific research attitudes of the majority of teachers are positive. While, quite a few are negative.5: The teachers' collective scientific research activities achieve little, as well as the quality, especially the teachers in rural areas.6: The factors influencing the teachers' quality of scientific research include subjective and objective perspectives.
Keywords/Search Tags:middle school teachers, educational scientific research ability, scientific research consciousness, scientific research ability, scientific research attitudes, scientific research theory
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