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Investigation Of The Reserve Force Personnel Training System Of Track And Field In Shaanxi Children Sports School

Posted on:2008-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215999466Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Track and Field is currently to measure importance standard of a nation andthe region sports level's high and low in the world, the development of the track andfield has prominent function to a development of national sports. The whichever nationwants to win victory in the international sport and make stronger an own position, notonly have an excellent athlete troops, but also have strong reserve forces. The same, Inthe domestic competition, Shanxi Province's track and field meetlevel needs to want tobe in the domestic leading level, not only mustpay special attention to the active dutyathlete's training, shouldtake the reserve talented person's raise. Therefore, will payspecialattention to the reserve talented person's raise will be from now onthe ShanxiProvince track and field meet moves towards the domesticfirst group the hope to be at,also will be the Shanxi Province trackand field meet moves towards the resultbreakthrough the key to be at.The author adopts law of documents and materials, expert's interview law,investigation method of the questionnaire, mathematics and physics statistic law,comprehensive analytic approach, from the culture of composition of the reserveforces of track and field sports, athlete selection, training, having match, athlete to study,everyday control, athlete's development aim in the future, reserve personnel trainingsystem, etc, With such for respects, current situation which the true reserve forces' teamof track and field sports of Shaanxi of reflection trains, thus offer true and exhaustivematerials and relevant materials for cultivation of reserve forces of the track and field ofShaanxi, offer the bases of the theory and practice for promoting the development oftrack and field sports of Shaanxi further.Draw the following conclusion:1) The trainer troop structure is unreasonable, the quality waits for improvement.The Shanxi children's sports school track and field trainer troop structure isunreasonable, the whole tends to young, the school record level somewhat low, thetitlesomewhat low, the scientific research level is worse, and so onthe advanced scientificinstrument grasps an application ability moreinferior phenomenon to the computer; thechildren's sparetime sports school track athlete's age and themovement rank demonstrated its is being at the fundamental trainingstage, should strengthen raises theathlete comprehensive physicalquality.2) The scientific selection is insufficient. The Shanxi children's sports school trackand field trainer to selection target and so on physiology, biochemistry, biologicalmechanics, psychology grasping with application degreeinsufficient, is worse to theselection scientific instrumentapplication ability. The track and field, meet selectionmainly to thetrainer experiences primarily, participates the result take theathlete and theposition as the main selection basis, but lacks thescientific selection method.3) The training scientific style degree is somewhat low. The Shanxi children'ssports school track and fieldtraining is basic in the training plan formulation can achieveyear, the whole year, gradual, the week, the class training plan effectiveunion many, butcannot deny some trainers to use the sole trainingplan; The week training number oftimes and the time surpass theinternational training standard, "the time war" and "thebattle ofattrition" still exists; Trains the classmate study research the unionto be less, thetraining lacks the scientific research the theoryinstruction; The influence training effectfactorbesides the above factor, the trainer and athlete's subjectivetraining consciousnessis the primary factor.4) Training funds scarce, the participative goal is clear about, chance are few. TheShanxi Province children's sports school track and field trains the location, theequipment basic performance satisfies thetraining the request, but the training fundsoriginates relativelyquite is narrow, the majority of need government allocatesfunds,other funds originate few; The trainer and the athletes all have tothe participationvery well knew that, all will participate theachievement to discover own trainingquestion, the enhancementtraining experience and own quality opportunity; The athleteyearparticipation number of times relative are less, cannot satisfy theideal participativerequest.5) Study and training contradiction more prominent, after retires getsemployedcontradictory is prominent. The Shanxi Province children's sports school trackathleteculture study manner is not earnest, uses in the cultural study timerelatively to beless; In the athlete training and the study existsthe principal contradiction is studiesteaches the contradiction;Faces the most stern question will be the next outlet question,theathlete, the trainer and even the guardians all worried for it.6) The management pattern is standarder, raises the system to wait forthe consummation. The Shanxi Province children's sports school track and field meetreserve talented person raise system still take "three levels oflrainings networks" theraise system primarily, managed in the waymainly to adopt the training, the study, thelife as a body "threecentering systems"; The partial children's sparetime sportsschools"have taught to the body to unify" the raise system to transform, raise the systemto wait for further consummate.
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