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Research On The Assurance System Of Teacher Quality Of American Fundamental Education Since The 1980s

Posted on:2009-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A considerable amount of research shows that teachers are the key factor in academic performance of students, so teachers are directly related to the quality of a country's education. In the past centuries, all countries have depended on fundamental education and the main power of fundamental education-the teachers, in order to win the competition in comprehensive national power. The United States is the first countries which have carried out the assurance system of teacher quality in the recent years. The American assurance system of teacher quality is more mature and perfect. "It's Stone Mountain, you can attack jade." To sum up the developed countries experience will undoubtedly be very useful to build teacher contingent in China. The main methods of this paper are the ways of literature, history, comparison, and so on. This paper is about to introduce the assurance system of American teacher quality, such as pre-teacher education institutions and courses, the quality assurance of new teachers'entry and recruitment, the professional growth and development of the in-service teachers, the improvement of the teachers'treatment, changing the way of paying teachers, creating good environmental atmosphere in the school, the assurance system of the teachers'appointment.This paper is divided into six parts. The first part defines the concept of the assurance system of teacher quality. The second part briefly introduces the historical development about the assurance system of teacher quality. The third part is to introduce the internal assurance system of teacher quality of American fundamental education since 1980s. Since 1980s, America has conducted a series of reforms of teacher education. Teacher education has been the concept of integration enjoying popular support. America has developed rigorous high standards to support the pre-service education, the entry education, the in-service education. The fourth part is about an overview of the external assurance system since 1980s, including the treatment of teachers, changing the way of paying teachers, creating good environmental atmosphere in the school, the system of teachers'appointment and so on. The fifth part is to make the overall evaluation. We can see the contributions which have been made by the assurance system of teacher quality in fundamental education not only to America but also to the world. Meanwhile, we also find its limitations. Part VI is the inspiration. On the base of inheritance, reference and reform we can establish better and instructive system of teacher quality with China's own characteristics while bringing our own advantages into full play.
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