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Higher Professional Sports Institutions Set Up Martial Arts Wushu Short-course Significance And Feasibility Study

Posted on:2008-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P DaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360245451925Subject:Ethnic Traditional Sports
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Wushu soldiers short campaign is the use of re-developed to protect human safety campaigns original equipment replacement of the short weapons, and comprehensive utilization of various athletes weapons short of the original method of fighting skills than to inherit and develop short-fighting technology and weapons the purpose of an exercise sport. It is China's traditional national sport component. Short soldiers in martial arts movement, in promoting China's traditional national sports development plays a very important role. Wushu as a project to develop short-martial arts movement helped to enrich the connotation of martial arts, and promote the development of Wushu, the martial arts to expand consumer groups, and to promote Chinese martial arts this national treasure is of great realistic significance.As short-martial arts sport features and functions, which makes the projects with high social value, and that is why its social market demand for qualified personnel is also gradually increasing. Social market demand is the direction of professional colleges and universities operate on the premise and power, but also an important basis for the curriculum. Short-movement development, the advantage of relying on schools to better sound, relying on the base can be faster and radiation to the community to popularize and promote. On the contrary, through martial arts schools soldiers short campaign will help broaden the channels for training qualified personnel, and promote the building of the school curriculum, students in the martial arts movements inspired enthusiasm, providing employment opportunities for students.This paper documents through access to information, expert interviews, questionnaires, logic analysis, statistical analysis, experimental projects, sports institutions of higher professional martial arts wushu created short-course and the significance of the feasibility study and exploration, Higher sports as a professional martial arts institutions better able to set up martial arts courses provide the basis for short-bing. It should be stated that research in this area is still gaps in the country, so that this topic is this innovation, but also the difficulty of this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:short-martial arts movement, martial arts institutions of higher professional sports, Wushu the significance of short-courses, Wushu the feasibility of short-courses
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