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Crimes Committed By Minors And Its Prevention

Posted on:2009-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China's rapid economic development, social followed by some of the negative phenomena of minors formed a significant impact. Because minors lack of external things clear judgments and analysis, it is not possible for them to distinguish between right and wrong. So they are very easy to make illegal acts, even criminal. This, it is easy to themselves, their families, society adverse effects.Delinquency types relatively concentrated, the main crime increasingly younger age. Common crimes have increased gradually, in the minors and female students increased crime. Because minors impulsive, irrational, so they made the causes of criminal acts simple, the arbitrariness. Moreover, in recent years, delinquency trends adult, intelligent. And adult delinquency compared to minors more repeatable characteristics.Minors their physiological and psychological characteristics of their illegal and criminal acts are an important influence. Family dysfunction, family education and improper manner also led to loss of parents of minors criminal important reasons. Schools re-intellectual, moral light, improper teaching methods and management is not in place will lead to a minor increase in the crime rate in the law. Community crime, corruption, immoral phenomenon of minors formed a very bad influence as a result of delinquency important reasons. Along with the development of networks, network unhealthy information leading to minors has become an important aspect of crime. Other adverse culture media also contributed to the delinquency of minor's main reason. Some local communities, poor environment of minors have a very bad impact, or even to make minor offences.Therefore, in the family should be done in prevention: parents set strict demands on themselves, the best examples for their children; parents to use the scientific method of education. Schools should also:-changes in the concept of moral intellect light, to improve education, strengthen school management. Social prevention measures include: strengthening universal moral education, improvement of the social distribution system, eliminating polarization; strengthen the supervision and management of the media culture, purification culture media environment, and strengthening the comprehensive management community, to improve the community environment. In addition to strengthening the family, schools, social communications links, and build three-dimensional prevention system. Also learn from other countries and regions advanced experience and improve the legislative and judicial systems, to effectively prevent and reduce delinquency.
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