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Research On Training High School Students Physical Problem-solving Ability

Posted on:2009-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y D HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360272458191Subject:Subject teaching
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Training high school students the ability to solve the physical problems of secondary education is an important manifestation and the core purpose of education. High school physical characteristics of the subjects themselves determine its integrated complexity, require students to have corresponding variety of quality can effectively address the physics study in the process of the difficulties encountered, removing obstacles to grasp the truth of physics. As a high school physics teacher, teaching in his daily education should always concerned about the ability level of students and differences, based on the students, to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and actual situation to learn physics, focus on physical training capacity to resolve problems is a very prominent teaching task.. Correct ideological education, improve methods and means of teaching, innovate the traditional concept of teaching to adapt the new era of teaching physical development needs is essential.In this paper, combining of high school physics teaching practice and according to the current status on high school students ability to solve the physical problems, under the guidance of the theory in the capacity of education, described the training on the ability to solve the problem of physical in high school physical education to students. The full text includes five parts. Chapter 1 on the status of the current high school students ability to solve the physical problems, described it from the knowledge, skills, processes and methods, emotional attitude to the perspective on values. The second chapter on the ability to solve the physical problems with the content and the training programmes, including strengthening the capacity of basic training, combined with mathematical ability, accessing and processing ability of physical information, problem-solving research of the preliminary, and so on described it. Training programmes, from cognitive psychology, knowledge of network construction, the model of the problem, point of view on procedure to solve the problem of the physical to be elaborated. Chapter 3 on the training measures and means on ability to solve the physical problems, described it from the psychological will, question of ability, physical way of thinking, solving strategies, a picture of teaching, summed up in terms of reflection on. The fourth chapter described the training objectives on the physical problem-solving ability. Chapter 5 are the case studies and reflections on the full text of problem-solving capacity-building.
Keywords/Search Tags:physical problems, ability to solve, the ability of education
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