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Exploration On Scientific Research Quality Cultivation Of Undergraduate

Posted on:2009-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y ZhanFull Text:PDF
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To maintain capability in researcj is essential to an eligible graduate. To cultivate scientific research quality of undergraduate is easy to be ignored and is not easy to be carried out in intellect training of university, while it has been discovered that scientific research quality of undergraduate is devoid. Training of scientific research quality, which need practice and accumulation for a long time, is a systematic work and should infiltrate the course of training. The training plan of three phases for thesis writing comes from the research of undergraduate training status in quo, and it runs through scientific research practice course which is gradually arranged in four years, which helps to improve scientific research quality of undergraduate.According to the conceptions of undergraduate scientific research, scientific research quality and three phases for thesis writing, on the base of analysis inscape of scientific research quality, cultivation approach for undergraduate scientific research quality and the function of thesis writing, the dissertation thoroughly unscrambles the training plan for three phases for thesis writing and investigates its practice and undergraduate scientific research quality status in quo by questionnaire, interview and case study.The investigation finds that the effect of three phases for thesis writing training plan is obvious. First, it upgrades undergraduate basic scientific research quality and pledges to practice pilot study training object. Second, it improves undergraduate synthetical quality and enriches their extracurricular study. Third, while improving the teaching and scientific research for teachers, it ensures dissertation composition. The investigation also thoroughly analyzes some issues about three phases for thesis writing training practice, such as inadequate rank and consistency, disequilibrium of cultivation, absence of undergraduate positivity, some matter of dissertation direction, the whole scientific research quality which still need be intensified, and analyzes the causation through disunity cognition of quality cultivation, scientific research positivity, direction capability and direction strength of teachers, pertinent manage measure and drive mechanism, and so on. In order to perfect scientific research quality cultivation system, the dissertation intensively puts forward some countermeasure based on the cases. It emphasizes to start with the most prominent matter which conditions scientific research quality cultivation, and advances to raise the consciousness, improve on scientific research management mechanism, create atmosphere which is propitious to scientific research quality cultivation, and promote teachers specialization development.
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