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Construction Of Infrastructure Projects Of University Research Quality Control

Posted on:2010-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275468035Subject:Industrial Engineering
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"A project vital and lasting importance calls for good quality" is the guidelines of our country's consistent construction engineering.The quality of the construction relates directly to the safe of the people's life and property,concerns the survival and development of the development organization,construction enterprises and Construction Supervision Company.In recent years,the higher education of our country is rapidly growing,and the construction scale of college is expanding.The quality of construction project of our country is not just relating to the economic interest of higher education,but also the life safety of all the teachers and students,still relating to the quality of higher education and the future development.Being an intendant of the college capital construction projects,the one especially should pay most of the attention to the management and control of the project's quality.This text obtains from the present control over the quality of the inspection and assessment and the existing problems,by the means of with a view to strengthen supervision and regulation of construction activities and the theory of the quality control,unifies own work experience and realized,combines with own working experience and realization,accentuates importance of the quality control over the construction stage and the controls.According to the control system of the building project forming stage and the control factor of the effective of construction quality. illustrated the Development Organization's principles,substance,procedures,means and the like,with practical instances,uses the Pareto chart,control chart,histogram method and many other methods for carrying out the quality assurance of construction and the evaluation of the effect.It has proved that we have gotten the effective control of the quality of the construction project and favorable effects of working management by making full use of QC(Quality Control) theory,method and effective measures which we have taken.This text is conducted to attempt and to quest that as a proprietor the section construction management of the higher education should know how to administer and control the construction management to supply the reference and help for the control of the construction project quality of the higher education...
Keywords/Search Tags:the quality of higher education, the quality of the construction, the quality control
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